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WE STUDIED ABOUT SOME ONLINE FORUM . Forum is a place online where forum members can interact and discuss various topics. An initial post opens the forum and presents one or more topics for discussion. Then, forum members post messages to reply to previous ones. Then can share personal opinions and a lot of information.

Now, read the post below and write a reply:

                                                        ABOUT CULTURAL DIFFUSION:

by WayToGo/TeacherPatricia - in 04/20/2015, 15:30 BR 
I believe that when a cultural habit is introduced into another culture, it is never the same as in the original place. Do you agree? Write some lines about it:

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''Our blog is very good because we can talk to other people to comment photos and also to post pictures and works that we do in the classroom''
By: Emilly, Andressa, Maria Rita, Aline, Wendy.